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Vancouver Water Sports

One of the best things about Vancouver is that you can do so many different types of activities, like water sports! Whether you’re looking for an adventurous sport or a leisurely swim, Vancouver has it all! Kayaking and paddle boarding are some of the most popular things to do out on the water in the summer time. The ability to be on the water by a beach with a view of the mountains makes Vancouver unique. Come take in some of the best views in the world while trying something new! There are so many different areas that you could explore, including False Creek, Jericho Beach, Deep Cove, and more!

Over this summer, some of our groups made it out to Deep Cove to do some kayaking and paddle boarding. Deep Cove is a small town on the water that has lots of small shops, restaurants, and cafes. Another one of Deep Cove’s many draws is the Quarry Rock hike. Our groups did the hike (which takes about an hour) in the morning and then hit the water after lunch. It’s definitely worth heading over to Honey’s Doughnuts afterwards – their doughnuts are so popular that they sometimes have a wait list just to get one! We promise they’re worth the wait!

Many of our groups this summer took advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather we had to head to the outdoor pool at Kitsilano Beach. Just a short bus ride away from UBC campus, Kitsilano pool was the perfect afternoon activity for our students!

Another one of our groups headed over to False Creek for some kayaking! False Creek is located in downtown Vancouver and is full of exciting things to do and see! Student’s got to kayak around by Science World, Granville Island, and more!

Check out some of our students from this summer at Kitsilano pool and kayaking around False Creek: