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Victor and Anna Maria from Brazil

Victor and Anna Maria

For this blog we would like to introduce a very happily married couple called Victor and Anna Maria from Brazil. Victor studied with us for just 1 month and Anna Maria came for just 2 weeks. Although their time was short, they agreed to make a short video testimony (see it on our Instagram: Oxford International Toronto) about the experience they had, professing the amazing time they had making friends, studying at our school and recommending us to you! Victor and Anna Maria are both professionals back home and this was an opportunity to explore what Canada has to offer in terms of vacation and possibly even a long term future in this country! Well, that’s all just wishful thinking right now but let’s not jinx it for them or anyone thinking about it. We are rooting for you!!!!!

As Victor and Anna Maria have said, they applaud our school and you, too, can get that experience. Fulfill your dream by taking a chance and coming to study or even just to visit. Our programs have everything for everyone!

Our second photo is showcases our wonderful students who have made it to the end of the year! Time to say goodbye and get into the spirit of the long weekend and of course Christmas! Thank you everyone. We could not be who we are without people like you! Fabulous!