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Your First Day at the Toronto Campus!

The downtown Toronto skyline

On your first day arrive at 111 Peter Street by 8:30 a.m. Come up to the second floor to suite 210 or 220. That’s where the school is.

The school building

When you arrive, we will greet you with a smile, check your registration, give you the Wi-Fi password and take you to the intake room. We will take your passport and medical insurance.  But don’t worry! These will be returned to you by lunchtime.

Eurocentres Toronto student lobby

As we wait for all new students to arrive, our staff will help you with any questions you may have. Then the Eurocentres Toronto staff will introduce themselves and your assessment will begin.

There are three kinds of assessment on your first day:

  • A teacher will casually speak to you to gauge your ability – this is your speaking assessment.
  • You will write a little information about yourself – this is your writing assessment.
  • Finally, you will do a test on the computer by activating your My.Eurocentres account – this is your grammar and listening assessment.

Students writing their online test

Some people finish the assessments quickly and some finish them more slowly, so you will have a short break to go to the bathroom, grab a coffee or snack before the orientation.


Orientation is a time when you receive information about Eurocentres methodology, your classes, the school, and life in Toronto. At the end of orientation, we will give back your passport and insurance documents and give you a tour of the school and around the neighbourhood.  You will also get the chance to meet the other new students and start international friendships that will last a lifetime.  After that, you have time to get some lunch and relax until your classes begin at 1:40 p.m.

School Friendships

We are delighted you chose Eurocentres Toronto. You will discover so much to see and do while improving your English in this fabulous city!

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