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We welcomed an alumna of the Toronto School, Danuzia Ambrozio Marques, after a 7 year absence

Danuzia studied with us from January to March in 2010.

When Danuzia walked through the front door with her boyfriend, Enrico, we did not recognize her but greeted her like any guest who comes to visit with a smile and a warm hello.  Only after a few minutes of chatting did she reveal that she was a former student.  They kept it a secret and were pranking the Director of Studies, Byron!  As you can imagine, Byron demanded to see some Eurocentres Toronto Facebook photos for proof!  They all had a great laugh together.


Danuzia enjoyed studying at Eurocentres Toronto so much, that on her return to Brazil, she decided she would continue her post-graduate education here in Canada.  With dedication and determination, Danuzia received a scholarship and amazingly, she is now doing her Ph.D in Neuroscience at the University of Ottawa.  Neuroscience or Neurobiology is the scientific study of the nervous system. It is a multidisciplinary branch of biology, which deals with anatomy, biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology of neurons and neural circuits.  As you can imagine, the level of English needed to comprehend and pursue a career in this field is phenomenal.  We are extremely proud of the journey Danuzia has made and are glad that we, at Eurocentres Toronto, could be a small part of it.


Danuzia gave a speech at our Friday graduation ceremony, inspiring our students to work hard, to persevere, and to stay motivated in order to achieve goals. She said it does not matter if the goals we set are big or small, but it is important to have them.  This is what Danuzia said:


“I studied English at Eurocentres Toronto in 2010 and it was an experience that goes beyond just learning a language.  I also made great friendships that I still hold to this day, not to mention the incredible experience of living in Canada. The people of this city are wonderful and it’s just so beautiful here!

Due to my great experience, I’ve advised my boyfriend to come and study at Eurocentres Toronto and I’m glad to say that he’s joined the 2017 team.


I’m currently studying my Ph.D in Neuroscience, and I had the opportunity to be a part of the Ph.D program in Quebec (French Canada).  Returning to Canada and also visiting the school was as exciting as being here before and it has changed my life forever. Thank you everyone.” – Danuzia Ambrozio Marques


Danuzia’s story with Canada began in 2010 and it continues, as she will graduate in 2018.  Take her advice because it is solid. Her position and place in society are a testament to her commitment.  Thank you Danuzia!


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