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What To Expect in Fluency Class? Expect the Unexpected!

Natalie & Erin

On the first day of my high-level Fluency class, I asked students this simple question, “Why are you here?” They looked at me and in unison said, “We’re here to practice our speaking skills.” So then, I asked them how long had they been in Canada? And more importantly, what had they done to improve their speaking skills besides attending classes. The class looked puzzled until I asked them to brainstorm ideas on ways to improve their communication skills when are not in class. The students had fun coming up with different ideas for practicing active listening and speaking. Some of the ideas were really creative, but the most interesting one was doing something to help someone else.

Erin gives a presentation about the
the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada

From this idea, I proposed a group project to raise money for a charity through a bake sale. Who doesn’t like to eat something sweet and homemade? This was to be a wonderful opportunity to practice speaking while giving back to the community. The class decided to donate the proceeds to the Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. Students were assigned different roles from purchasing ingredients for Onigiri, a Japanese snack, and a Brazilian sweet called Brigadeiro, to baking, and finally to selling the goods at school. We prepared the baked treats at my house and held the bake sale the next day at school. It was a big success! During the break we sold everything my class had prepared, and they were able to practice their communication skills and do something for the community. The final glory occurred when a representative of the Children’s Wish Erin McLean came to do a presentation about the Foundation. Erin explained that their charity tries to fulfill wishes of children who are terminally ill. She showed two emotional videos and took questions from our students. At the end, I presented Erin a cheque from the proceeds of the bake sale for the Foundation.

Overall, our students had the opportunity to be part of a noble cause and found that their Fluency class had relevance to a meaningful cause.

– Oxford International Toronto’s Corporate Social Responsibility Ambassador and Teacher – Natalie Andrade.

Natalie presented Erin with a cheque