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Coming to study English at Eurocentres Toronto was a big deal for Yassin. He came as an absolute beginner and after 36 weeks, graduated with a level 6. Congratulations Yassin! His progress has been about a level a month.


However, more surprising and more interesting is Yassin’s after school and weekend activities. Yassin is from Turkey and although Turkey is unique in that it is the only country which is in both Europe and Asia, enjoys religious freedom, Yassin told his teacher that he had never been to a church in Turkey. So, when he came to Toronto, Yassin went to church most Sundays.


His reason for going to church was to speak to old people. He used the English skills he has learned to converse about philosophical topics of belief, life and ritual.


In the afternoons and some mornings, Yassin would visit Senior Citizen Homes and talk to the residents.  He felt that elder citizens are often ignored and he wanted to listen to them and learn anything from them they that they had to tell him, all the time improving his English.


What a great example Yassin has set and really what a great way to improve one’s English.