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Year Round Group from India

This February we were delighted to host our first Year Round Group from India. A group of 31 teenagers and their Group Leaders from 3 different schools in the Punjab braved our Toronto winter and had a fabulous time in class, sightseeing and learning about Canada.

Toronto’s first Year Round Group from India.

The students had morning classes, afternoon activities and 2 full day excursions. After seeing the city, some wanted to come back for university.

Here are some impressions the students had. They really liked the modern school, the computer lab, the vending machine and ping-pong room. They commented that the client services staff and management were very friendly and answered their questions. They said they learned a lot from their excellent teachers and that the other students really helped them learn too. In class, they all enjoyed small group discussions regardless of their levels. Speaking is something that many were really proficient at. Many commented on the great nationality mix. The more advanced students liked the debates and surveys, and many proved to be good at writing. Our other students in turn were fascinated to learn about their culture and it was exciting to see the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and customs.

Surprisingly, our Punjabi students loved the winter weather, never having experienced snow or ice before.  It seemed that the cold did not bother them that much, perhaps because they knew that they were going to return to the heat of the Punjab.

Tim Hortons was by far the most popular eatery for them, especially for breakfast, and “double, double” was a funny new word combination.

Everyone was excited to go to Niagara Falls and see how water of such magnitude could freeze.

The attractions they enjoyed most were the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) – the Dinosaur Room, the C.N. Tower and Casa Loma. They especially like the similar histories of the wealthy businessman who built Casa Loma for his wife, just like the great emperor Shan Jahan who built the Taj Mahal for his wife.

After graduation and many photos later, the students said they would like to return and taught one of our teachers their traditional dance. {I.a.removeNo